For Frankie...

My hearts aches so much as I type this, but we said goodbye to our first dog Frankie. I've always loved dogs and grew up with them but I never really became attached to a dog until Frankie. We adopted him a little over 4 years ago and he has not only been a pet, but a member of our little family, a therapy dog, and such a joy to have around the house. 

Frankie had his quirks such as a raspy loud bark that everyone who heard it remembers it and could hear it from a mile away. His incessant barking at just about everything was so annoying at times but now that's all I want to hear. Frankie was the perfect little guard dog. If he could look out the window all day and keep watch he would. He would march like a soldier around the house when he was happy, I swear his feet would sometimes reach his chin. Home boy's high kicks were on point!

When we adopted Frankie he was about 7 years old. I remember that I had never heard of a Schipperke before. Their tiny stocky bodies and pointy ears are something unique! During the 4 years that Frankie lived with us alot has happened in our family, and through it all he was a constant comfort to Justin and I. I thank God that he gave us this little fuzzy dog that was perfect for us and just what we needed. RIP Frank the Tank.